Friday, 5 February 2016


I got a haircut yesterday! Ok no, my wig got a haircut. But it was on me at the time and I was at the hairdresser so it was a bit like getting a haircut, but not. It was all very strange. 

I've been playing phone tag with the hairdresser (yes, a regular hairdresser, the woman from the 'look good feel better' session would be scandalized as she believed only wig specialists should cut wigs) for awhile and she had a cancellation yesterday which meant that I had to put on 'being in public' clothes and leave the house. It felt nice to be doing something a bit normal besides trying to fight off a headache, even if that normal was having my wig cut.

I took in the real hair wig that I had been given that I felt looked funny on me. I'm not sure if it was the blunt bangs that stuck out or the massive amounts of hair but it just seemed a bit off and I haven't been wearing it. I figured there was nothing to be lost by having someone have a go at it with scissors if it meant I would wear it.
The original wig. Very 80s.
The hairdresser felt that the wig had once been longer and that someone just cut directly across the bottom and again at the bangs which was why they stuck out funny. She spent a lot of time straightening it and then taking off pieces at a time to give it a more layered look. It felt like she took off half of the wig by the end, the floor had hair everywhere. It really was like an actual haircut except that if she screwed up, it wouldn't just grow back.

After the cut.
I still wasn't big on the colour though (I'm too pale to be a blonde) so I bought some dye even though I was warned that it might turn out funny. The risk was that even though the wig says it's human hair, sometimes they lie (shocking!) and the synthetic fibers wouldn't hold the dye resulting in a half-dyed look.

I opted for redish. Now I can be a brunette, red head, or purple.
Post-dye drying. It looks like a small dead rodent.
It worked! Success! It must be all human hair! The dye held and I think the colour turned out great. It's not super red which is good but different enough from my other wigs to provide some diversity. Now I'm going to be even more undecided which hair to wear when I go places.

A new look option for me! Much like my old look when I had hair.


Anonymous said...

Very nice cut and colour. Looks natural on you.

helen soucoup said...

Risky but it looks like it paid off...very cute!