Saturday, 14 December 2013

What will I be doing next June?

I have been working on a DIY wedding project this week for my friends wedding in June. When I agreed to be listed, I resigned myself to the fact that I probably wouldn't make it to her wedding or to the other wedding of friends happening in May. I assume I will either be still waiting or in recovery mode by the time their weddings role around. However, I still have been trying to keep some hope that I can be there so I haven't 100% ruled it out yet.

Then last week at physio, there was a person talking about how they told his doctor they would like to be at their child's graduation in April and that the doctor had given them hope by saying he would get them there. While I think that is a ridculous thing for the doctor to say unless he knows something more about this system than me, it does give me hope that maybe I will be at the weddings after all. Although I'm not going to start booking flights home just yet. 

There is another person at physio who said they decided in the fall not to go on their annual southern Christmas vacation as they didn't want to take themselves off the transplant list for a week and they thought if they had the surgery, they wouldn't be discharged from the program before Christmas. That person is being discharged this week and could have totally gone on vacation so should have bought a ticket. So really there is no way of knowing how to plan anything. It drives me crazy! I like having a plan! 
So many paper hearts!

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