Friday, 6 December 2013

Homemade ornaments.

Happy St. Nicholas Day! 

After making my Christmas cards, I had a few left-over cards that survived the card slaughter. Since our Bamboo Christmas Tree is a little bare, I thought I should make a few light ornaments that the branches could actually hold (most of the ornaments are shoved to the middle as they are heavy).

Step 1: Gather paper to use
Step 2: Cut out 4 identical symmetrical shapes (I cut out one and used it as a template for the other 3)
Step 3: Fold all in half and then glue together so the white sides match together evenly. it turns into a stack until the last one which glues to the side of the first to make it 3D.
Step 4: Poke a hole in the top with a needle, thread some string through and voila! A ornament that won't make your tree fall over.
A circular version.

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