Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pictures of Vancouver.

We made it back from Vancouver! Just in time to have a rainy Canada Day in Halifax. I'm still recovering from jetlag because that seems to take way longer than it should after a vacation. I may also be in coffee withdrawal as I drank way more coffee on the trip than I normally do.

We had such a wonderful vacation. Full of hiking and being out in nature. It was exactly what I was hoping for when I decided to go to Vancouver. We even saw orcas! I didn't have any medical problems so now I'm feeling confident to leave the country. Maybe not quite to visit David in New Zealand but somewhere in Europe would be fun.

Amy has started the long, terrible process of sorting through our travel pictures and has made it through the first few days.

To help keep us awake when we arrived, we went to Lynn Canyon Park to check out the suspension bridge and river.
It looks like a dinosaur is about to come running through the woods.
The next day we took the water taxi over to the city and cycled around Stanley Park. Melissa and Amy rented a tandem and did surprisingly well around all the corners.
On the rainy Sunday, Melissa and I hiked around this lake while Amy read her book.
I found a goose friend along the way.
Monday, Amy and I went on a hike overlooking Deep Cove.
Amy made it with me carrying her oxygen. Afterward we got donuts in town.
After our hike and donuts, we sat in a park in Horseshoe Bay and watched porpoises and seals.
No complaints about the view.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Allison, glad you were able to go.