Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Chief.

In Vancouver, Melissa and I did a hike called "The Chief" while Amy slept in. The trail is basically walking up uneven steps the entire way with some ladders and chains to help you climb the boulders at the end. It's a very intense hike. We did it really early in the morning which was a brilliant idea as the day ended up being really hot (plus Melissa had to work in the afternoon). I had the jelly legs on the way back down, that feeling when your legs are wobbling and you aren't 100% sure that they'll keep holding you up. But I made it back down and spent the rest of the day on Melissa's lounger with my books and cold beverages.

Going to the top!
The only way is up.
I'm smiling but it's mostly because the cold ladder felt good. You can see the sweat/sunscreen dripping off my face.
Keep going up!
Worth it.
Don't drop the car keys!
Glancing at peak two (to the right) and thankful we decided to do just one of them. Maybe next time...
Isaiah and I are now on a little camping trip to Cape Breton. We figured we may as well go before he gets a job (fingers crossed that he'll soon get a job). I don't think the hikes will be quite as intense. When the guides say "medium or hard" I know what they mean. Not in Vancouver where it says "some stairs" and you end up climbing stairs for an hour. People who live in BC are on a different level than the rest of us.

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Sue said...

wow what a view... the mountains offer such spectacular views but the "hikes" are definitely as grand as the views they lead you to.