Sunday, 16 July 2017

Cape Breton

We had a wonderful time in Cape Breton! We did a ton of hikes (some in the rain, some in the sun), swam at the beach, and I even got a bit of a sunburn. I was not prepared for the sun. For some reason in my head, Cape Breton is always 16 degrees and rainy. So I packed 4 pairs of pants and they never left the car. I guess it's better to have them as an option than to have them sitting at home and being cold.

We did not see any moose or whales which was a bit disappointing. Not that I have much experience with the Cape Breton Highlands but the one other time I was there, we saw whales twice from shore and there seemed to be moose wandering all over the park. This time they avoided us. The muffler on our poor car gave out halfway there so perhaps we scared them all away while powering up the hills.

We kept hearing about moose sightings from other hikers like "someone told me there was a moose up there to the left" and "a bull moose just chased us down the trail (I think those people may have been exaggerating slightly)" but they were all gone by the time we arrived. Just as well we never saw one while driving. I would rather them stay in the woods than be in front of my car. Plus it gives us something to look forward to the next time we go!

It was such a nice mini vacation. Now we need to get the muffler fixed.

Classic Cape Breton from the Skyline trail.
Sunset from the Acadien trail.
Isaiah checking out the rocks at Mica Hill
I enjoyed the view more but the sparkling ground was really unique. 
Top of Franey Mtn.
Swimming at the little waterfall after the hike.
Beautiful sunset at the campground.
Staring off the cliff at Middle Head looking at birds.
Campsite. We somehow take up so much room with such a little tent.

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Sue said...

love the photos ...I haven't been to the highlands for 40 years! beautiful scenery! Glad you had a great trip and thanks for sharing...