Sunday, 9 April 2017

Quiet week

Well, I've officially run out of things to blog about. My life has become normal and boring which is wonderful but not very interesting to blog about. I've put my cross country skis away and had my last skate at the arena last Tuesday before they take out the ice and put up the basketball nets. It's always an awkward time between seasons but it doesn't look like I'll have to wait too long to go biking or be able to jog outside.

My energy level has been really good all winter and so far I've managed to avoid getting a cold or infection. My working one day a week has not seemed to impact that too much. I do still find I need 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night though in order to function during the day. I say this having not slept well last night and have been zombie-like all day. I can't explain why I need so much sleep, if it's my medication or something with the transplant but I need my sleep. I always have but before I figured it was because I struggled so much to breathe and when I did sleep, it was restlessly which it meant I needed more time overall.

It's a weird thing in our culture where we like to brag about how little sleep we got as though it's an accomplishment to sleep only 4 hours a night. I will never win the "I barely slept last night" contest and will never mutter "I'll sleep when I'm dead". No thanks, I'll sleep now. I clearly need a lot of it as I can sleep soundly from 11pm to 9am most nights. I'm not concerned about it, I just need to keep it in mind when I think about possibly working more than one day a week.

I'm not planning on finding another job or expanding hours just yet. I want to make sure my one year post-chemo check-up is clear. Also, Isaiah finishes his course in May and then he's hoping to get a full time job somewhere so we may end up moving in June. He's applying everywhere and although I would like to stay in NS, since he put everything on hold and followed me around for a few years, I can't really complain if he gets a job out of province. I'll just need to look at the health care coverage before moving anywhere. I don't think any other province will be as good as NS but I do need them to at least cover my anti-rejection and digestive medication.


Dave Malo said...

Here's to more "boring " blogs. Actually you are more interesting than just health issues.

Dave said...

Glad to hear that your life is now "normal" and "boring." After what you've been through in the last few years, you deserve lots of that. Well, not so much the boring part. Maybe you could start rewriting the transplant manual in your free time.