Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"Bird in Tree" Art

So somehow this blog is quickly becoming more about CF and dying and less about the art projects I have tried lately. I totally understand the CF blogs that describe how the person is doing with their health as I think they are good for friends and family to keep updated but I am trying to have a blog to be more than the crappy medical side of life. 

So with that in mind, here is one of my early project when I was first put off work.  The background story to this project is that I have scraps of fabric from a quilt that I previously made that I thought would look good on the wall in the bedroom. I bought 9 3"x3" canvas thinking that I could stretch the fabric over them and hang them on the wall. Turns out my strips of fabric weren't quite big enough so I needed a plan B. I found this picture on Pinterst and I really liked the concept.


 However my canvass (canvi?) were not as big so I had to adapt. I also did not want to leave the background white for the bedroom so I painted the background blue.
The background turned out to be a little patchy as the only paint I had around the house were some watercolour paints which did not take well to canvas. I did many coats but it never quite evened out. I tell myself that it is artistic flare and makes it look more 'sky-like'.

While the canvas was drying, I cut out the pieces of fabric into leaf shapes. I found the material frayed less and was easier to cut out the fabric after I gave it a coat of modpodge. I also cut out the outline of a bird for the tree.

I then sketched the tree onto the canvas with them placed together and painted the outline. After that was dry, I used the modpodge to put the leaves on the tree and then used modpodge over the top just to make sure they would stay. I added a little paint on the leaves to add some continuity to the branches.

Voila! Bird in tree art.

In hindsight, I would probably have moved the branch the bird was sitting on down a little bit so I could make the bird larger, making it more noticeable but I think it turned out quite well.
The hardest part was trying to hang all the squares with even spacing between the canvass.

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