Sunday, 20 August 2017

Pictures of Mt. Carleton

We survived the wilderness of New Brunswick! We spent 4 days at Mt. Carleton (3 nights) and hiked everything. Well, all of the peaks at least which felt like everything. We got pretty wet on Sunday and again Tuesday night but it was worth it. The views at the top were amazing, and the stars there at night are unbelievable. It's considered a "dark sky area" and you really notice the difference when looking at the stars. Totally worth the long drive. I tried to take pictures of the stars but all I got was a black screen. This weekend has been a much needed relaxing-stay-at-home few days.

Lake Sunday evening
Isaiah out for a paddle. When I went out, it downpoured.
Up the trail to Mt. Sagamook.
Made it! Quick lunch then onward to the next peak!
Top of Mt. Head!
Woohoo, but we must go onward!

NB can be so pretty.
Rewarding sunset that night.

Burning things.
Top of Mt. Bailey the next day while Mom and Dad went for a kayak.
Super fun rock cliff on the way down.
And a blueberry snack.
A trail marker being eaten by a tree.
Burning all the wood on the last night!

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