Sunday, 26 February 2017

No cancer!

I don't have cancer! Woohoo! (I may just start yelling that at people everyday. It's pretty great to not have cancer.)

My appointment on Tuesday with the hematologist was remarkably quick. I saw the doctor at 12:34 (appointment scheduled for 12:30) which has to be some type of record. She asked all the usual, "How have you been feeling?" questions and laughed about my Poopmas story from December. She poked around a bit to make sure I didn't have any lumps, listened to my lungs, and I was sent on my way.

In three months I'll have a CT scan which will show a bit more than the blood work I've been doing. And then the visits will be every four months instead of three! The doctor said during this visit that she would discharge me after 5 years if all stays negative. Before she said she would follow me forever so I'm not sure what changed. Maybe since I'm being followed by other doctors and have semi-frequent scans she's confident they'll pick something up if the cancer returns.

Since returning from Halifax, I've had a low-key week, still trying to stay off my knee. It is getting slowly better, as in, I can now walk on it without pain. Hopefully by the time I'm feeling 100%, they'll be some fresh snow to cross country ski on. The snow we have now is looking quite sad.


Dave Malo said...

Great news when the oncologists don't want to see you so much!

Dave said...

Sometimes not having something is the very best. This is one of those times. Great news, Alley! Now get those knees better!