Sunday, 12 February 2017


Part of my New Year's plans for this year was to create more arty things each week and not worry so much about the outcome. And so far it's going well! I've spent more time being creative and doing the activities I always say I should be doing but put off. That's what New Year's resolutions are all about, aren't they?

I went on a bit of a sewing paper-piecing kick and sewed some silly things from patterns I found online. I'll square them off and turn them into cards eventually, that part just isn't as fun. I'm also learning that it's hard to get eyes even on these things.

I've also been drawing more. I got a few kids "How to Draw" books from the library and have been having fun drawing nonsense monsters, bugs, and dinosaurs. The lady bug is a bit creepy looking.

I also spent an afternoon playing with paint and dreaming of zooming along on my bike.

Hopefully more to come!


Dave said...

Let those creative juices flow - nice work!

Sue said...

love it!!! :-)