Sunday, 22 January 2017

Recipe: Stuffed Acorn Squash

I haven't shared a recipe in a while so here is a stuffed squash I made this week. We had 6 squash left in our cold cellar from October and for some reason the acorn squash had started to turn yellow so we thought we should cook one. It was fine on the inside and not soft, just a bit yellower. 

It was my first time cooking an acorn squash because Isaiah doesn't like them but he wasn't at the farm on the day I bought all the squash for winter so now we have some.
Why did it suddenly start turning yellow?
I cooked the squash whole, with some salt, pepper, butter and brown sugar for a half hour because it was too cute to cut in half.
Look how tiny it is!
While that was baking, I fried up two sausages (I cut them out of the casing), onion, garlic, and spinach and mixed that in with a cup of rice, salt, pepper, oregano, and sage. 

Then I stuffed it into the squash and baked the entire thing for another 30 minutes and when the squash still wasn't completely cooked through, I cut it in half and finished baking it that way. Next time I'll just start off by halving the squash and save myself some time. It was delicious.

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Dave said...

Looks and sounds yummy, Alley.