Sunday, 15 July 2018

Not Since Moses Run

We did the Not Since Moses Run today! We camped at the 5 Island campground last night so we didn't have to drive so far in the morning.

S'mores to build up my strength for the run!
The run was a muddy mess but a lot of fun. We just walked the 5km and jogged for about 1 min before it turned into a mud fest. Isaiah had some system of run-skating on the mud but I found that as long as I didn't stop moving I was fine. The second I stopped to do anything, I was up to my ankles in mud.

An enjoyable part was destroying the sneakers that I wore during my pre and post transplant process. I got them right before I moved to Toronto and wore them every physiotherapy session for the year plus before my transplant and during the long recovery. I had long since replaced them but they sat in the basement for just a challenge like this.And now they're a muddy ruined mess! It's very satisfying.
Isaiah wondering how he got into this mess. 
Everyone who can run through mud faster than me
The end!

Sunday, 8 July 2018

I'm in the Gaspe on a family road trip so here are some birthday cards I've made recently!

Firefly themed card!
Amy's birthday card. It's suppose to be her whale watching from shore at the Gaspe (probably minus the grass skirt and lei).

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Happy Canada Day!

My Canadian flag rock art.

To celebrate our great country, Isaiah and I stayed home and played board games. It was fantastic.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

I had a clinic appointment last week and my lung function is back up! It had dropped right before I went to Hawaii (causing much panic for me) but the antibiotics worked and the cold went away.

My FEV1 is the same as it was a year ago so that's great news. Stable is great. My predicted % value is a bit lower because my height has gone up 3cm and that changed the calculation. Apparently I'm having a growth spurt at 31! Or, another (less likely) explanation is that the nurse who measured me rounded up my height from 157cm to 160cm. It's definitely the growth spurt though.

I asked the doctor what my current predicted life expectancy would be because I have put money into a registered disability savings plan and I would like to start withdrawing the money at some point in the near future. You either have to be 55 (I think? Over 50 for sure) to withdraw it normally or have a life expectancy of less than 5 years to withdraw it early.

I always thought I was in the "about 5 year" range but the doctor said she wouldn't give me a definite number on that because I've been in that range for 3 1/2 years (since transplant) with no signs of rejection so it's looking like it would be longer.

The predicted life expectancy changes about every year post-transplant, there is a chart that I've seen somewhere, but it's basically that if you're ok after 4-5 years, you're likely to be okay for another 5. Immediately after transplant is different than after the two year mark when the body hasn't started rejecting the new organ.

The doctor is going to get back to me with a more definite number so I can see about the banking situation but it's good news that they think I'll live longer!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Happy Birthday, Amy!

It's Amy's birthday! Happy Birthday, Amy!

Nothing has changed with her in regards to being assessed by Toronto for a lung transplant. It seems that since she remains stable, no one is in a hurry for her to be on the wait list.

In the meantime, she has started a new hobby, photography! After talking about it for ages, she started by buying a cell phone camera kit (it goes on your phone case and enhances the pictures). It didn't take long before she had decided to move up to a DSLR camera. And now most of our conversations are about photo angles, photo editing programs, and the best spots around to take night sky pictures.
A lonely lighthouse on the cliffs

Last weekend, we did a PEI road trip so she could take pictures on the island. We went to random coves on the east coast that we had never visited before and some cliffs around Cavendish. We have spent quite a bit of time on PEI but this trip got us out of the 'usual' spots and we found some new fun places. Unfortunately it was cloudy overnight so we didn't get any lighthouse night sky pictures but it did mean that we got to sleep.
Playing with a new lens that smooths out the ocean!
We also did a photo shoot at Bothwell beach because why not.
This is such a good hobby because it's active (while lugging around the camera and lenses) but also can be sedentary while sorting and editing pictures. And also, I benefit because now I have access to a ton of beautiful night sky pictures that would look great framed on my wall!
Kouchibouguac National Park, NB
Everything moves around the north star.