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Welcome to my little blog! As you most likely don't have time to go through all my posts, I thought it would be helpful to post some of the 'highlights' of my story to get you caught up. Most of my current posts are about the day-to-day living post-transplant and in cancer remission. It's not as exciting as medical drama but much more enjoyable.

Here are a few posts that might be of interest: 

Q&A about when I went to Toronto in June for my week-long pre-transplant testing

A story about the perils of cycling with oxygen

My thought process about trying to decide if I should go for the transplant

Getting the call about being accepted on the transplant list

Q&A about lung transplants

Learning about organ donations

Officially being 'listed'

Eight months on the list! That's the average wait time.

I had my transplant! Yay! 

A summation of my transplant experience, it was hard. 

Then came the cancer. 

Months of chemotherapy followed.

Cancer free!

Healthy and climbing mountains. 

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