Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Halifax clinic.

It hasn't exactly been my weekend. I had what I thought were medication side effects most of the weekend with nausea and dizziness. They changed a lot of my medication mid-last week and I've been feeling the effects. I don't think it's directly related to the antibiotic/antifungual but that sure isn't helping. I did manage to get away for a little hike on Sunday which was a lot of fun but that was about all.

Yesterday, was my first clinic appointment in Halifax in over two years. It was nice to be back in a clinic where I've known the medical staff for over 10 years. I now go on 'non CF' days as they don't want me to be contaminated by other peoples' germs. It ended up being a long appointment as they reviewed my transplant history. I really should've written down everything on a horrible calendar of events every time I got an infection or needed blood work so I could relay dates with more confidence. How long was my antibiotic need in May? I don't remember. I'm trying to block that out.

Other than the review, I had a very long visit with the dietitian who is working hard at getting my sugars back to regular numbers. I have full blown CF-related diabetes with a side of medication-induced diabetes. I'm now taking insulin before most meals and checking my sugars a million times a day. It's all very annoying. I hope it will level off at some point so I no longer need the daily phone calls with the dietitian but until then, at least she is working hard at figuring this out for me.

The other fun/scary news was that my hemoglobin levels were low and my bloodthinner levels are back to even higher rates. I got a call from the Amherst blood lab on my way to Halifax informing me that I had 'abnormalities in my blood work' and to go see a doctor. I also got a call from my family doctor to make sure that someone saw my blood work. And then another call from the Toronto clinic to inform me about my blood work. I know, everyone! Thanks for calling.

My low hemoglobin levels does explain why I've been dizzy the past few days but since I'm not actively bleeding from a gushing wound, I, and the doctor, don't know why it's suddenly dropped. I'm getting the bloodwork re-tested tomorrow morning and hopefully it'll be back up otherwise they're going to have to start doing the 'are you bleeding internally' testing. And that sounds like a horrible experience. I hope eating steak and taking a bunch of iron tablets is enough.
Sunny Halifax.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Squash CF!

To everyone in the Moncton/Salisbury/Petitcodiac/Sussex area, the Green Pig (right off the highway) in Salisbury is having a fundraiser for CF research tomorrow where you get to shoot pumpkins at things. Hard to beat!

The picture is basically an ad for the Green Pig but it has all the info you need. Help CF research! Happy squashing!