Friday, 16 December 2016

Lung improvement!

I had to venture outside in the -25 weather this morning for my lung function test in Amherst. As much as I hated to go, I liked the results. My lung function is up again! Hurray!! I like this new trend of increasing every month. I hope it never stops. My numbers at home are not consistent and not improving so it's really nice to check in every month on a better machine and get a happy surprise.

I don't know why the numbers are still improving. I suspect it may be all the jogging I've been doing (the rest of my body is not pleased with the news it'll have to keep jogging) because that's the only real thing that has changed. Or maybe it's just now that I don't have cancer and my lungs have healed, they're getting stronger. Either way, it's happy news.

Stay warm, everyone!


Amy Watson said...

Happy dance!

Dave said...

After all of the complications, setbacks, up and downs and stuff you've been through, you are entirely entitled to good news like this. I want to hear more of it - go get'em.